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Martinique Island 

It is part of the "wonderful islands" of the northern hemisphere, between the latitude of 14.40'N and the longitude of -61.00'00, in the heart of the French West Indies.


French department since 1946 and Overseas region, its official language is French - Creole is quite present - and its culture a distinctive blend of French and Caribbean influences.


Its tropical climate is directly related to the Azores anticyclone which directs the trade wind of the North-East.

The average annual temperature is 29 °, that of the sea 28 °, the months of August and September being considered the hottest and January and February as the coolest.


The dry season runs from February to April, the wet season from May to November.

With an area of 1128 km² (60 km long / 30km wide), its population is about 380,000 souls, its currency the euro - € - and its capital Paris (and yes!).

The prefecture is Fort-de-France.


The Pelee mountain rises to 1397m.


This is a Republic, whose President is Mr. Emmanuel MACRON since May 14, 2017.


National Currency: "Freedom, Equality, Fraternity"

National Day: July 14th

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