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A little geography





The Dominican Republic




It is part of the "dream islands" of the northern hemisphere, between the latitude of 18.00'N and the longitude of -70.80'W, closing the triangle of North America, Central America and South America.


Located north of the Greater Antilles, bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the Dominican Republic is a paradise island whose official language is Spanish.


Its tropical climate benefiting from a very pleasant wind, the sea of a turquoise blue and its temperature between 22 ° and 30 °, the many coconut trees and the sandy beaches, the kindness and the smile of its inhabitants, all this contributes to make this tourist destination very attractive.


Covering an area of 48,730 km² and 1,600 km of coastline, its population is approximately 10.6 million souls, its currency the Dominican peso and its capital Santo Domingo. Pico Duarte rises to 3087m, which makes it one of the highest peaks in the Caribbean.

It shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, occupying about 2/3.


It is a Republic, whose President has been Mr. Luis ABINADER since July 05, 2020.


National Currency: "Dios, Patria, Libertad" (God, Fatherland, Liberty)

National Day: February 27

Las Terrenas


GPS coordinates: 19 ° 19 ′ 12 ″ North 69 ° 31 ′ 48 ″ West


Small town known internationally for its tourism, it is located on the north coast of the Samanà peninsula.


Its wild beaches, crystal clear waters and temperate tropical climate make it an ideal seaside destination, accommodating families as well as those who want to share their holidays with friends while playing sports, activities or partying, or those who want to relax and discover the many beauties of the peninsula.


Las Terrenas now has no less than 18,000 inhabitants, of whom approximately

6,000 expatriates from all walks of life.



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